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Industrial machinery

Design tools to create, publish, share, and manage 3D content for factory layouts. 

Facilities layout

Design facility layouts. Visualize and detect clashes in large facility layouts. 

Engineering services

Streamline design of bidding proposals and produce more compelling 3D sales tools.

Process Analysis

Model and simulate your manufacturing processes.

What's new

Convert 2D asset chains

Convert a polyline of chained assets from AutoCAD into a visual representation of individual factory chained assets.

Improvements have been made in this release of the Factory Design Utilities to increase speed and efficiency when creating assets and factory designs.

Convert a Polyline of Chained Assets into Individual Assets

Using the new Convert Asset Chains command on the AutoCAD Factory ribbon, you can now convert a polyline of chained assets on demand from your AutoCAD layout into a visual representation of individual Factory chained assets.

Previously, to view individual chained assets in your layout, you had to create a polyline and then sync to Inventor to populate your polyline with individual assets in your AutoCAD layout. Now, you can turn your polyline into visible assets from directly within AutoCAD without syncing your layout to Inventor.

Converting a polyline of chained assets into a visual representation of individual assets in AutoCAD allows you to work with and manipulate the individual assets in the chain as normal assets.

For more information about converting a polyline into assets, see Chaining Assets Together.

Enable Custom Color Option Now Available in AutoCAD Factory

By default, custom assets are represented in red in AutoCAD Factory. Use the new Enable custom color for nonstandard asset instances in chains option to select a different color.

The Enable Custom Color option that was once located in the Inventor Factory Options dialog, and is now located in the AutoCAD Factory Options dialog on the Factory Assets tab.

Select a custom color to represent custom assets created from asset chaining directly in AutoCAD. Now, you can change this custom color before you convert your polylines to individual assets through Sync to inventor in AutoCAD.

For more information about the Enable custom color for nonstandard asset instances in chains option in AutoCAD Factory, see Factory Asset Options - Reference.

Defining More Asset Properties for Process Objects

Extra Process Object selections are now available in the Asset Properties dialog in Asset Builder. These added Process Object types and extra properties provide information to your assets that transition over to your Process Analysis model to create a more accurate simulation.

More asset properties

New process object types provide information to assets for a more accurate simulation in a Process Analysis model.

Faster sync to Navisworks

After a first sync, only changes made to your layout are applied, resulting in better performance for subsequent syncs.

We know that speed and consistency between Factory Design Utilities are important when creating factory designs. In this release, we've focused on improving performance and consistency in these areas:

Improved Performance to Navisworks Sync

Sync to Navisworks now only applies the changes that were made to your layout resulting in a significant increase in sync performance. The first sync process is a full sync, but all subsequent syncs are faster. This performance enhancement is particularly noticeable when working with large layouts.

Overlays Now Called Underlays

DWG Overlay is now referred to as DWG Underlay throughout the Factory Design Utilities user interface and Help systems.

Downloadable Local Help

The offline Help system can now be downloaded and installed to your local hard drive by following these instructions.

Process Analysis enhancements

View takt times to understand your process capacity. Monitor processor performance with line balancing charts.

New line balancing activities, data, and reporting

  • New line balancing simulation chart and takt time calculations help to ensure your production line runs smoothly and meet your production schedule.
  • Processor cycle time calculations and reporting data provide more insight into a Processor's contribution to the end product.
  • New grouping feature added to combine multiple Processors cycle time for line balancing.

For more information about line balancing, see About Line Balancing.

New Cycle Time and Line Efficiency Summary reports

  • View a Processor Cycle Time chart and reporting data to help you visualize the results of your simulation to improve your process model.
  • View a Cycle Time summary report of your process model's production, blocked time, idle time, and down time to more clearly understand your throughput data.
  • View a Line Efficiency report that provides deeper insight into your process model through production summary data, object, asset, and connection utilization reports.

For more information about Line Efficiency and Cycle Time summary reports, see About Reports.

New User Interface menu added to simplify the ribbon

The Process Analysis ribbon has been simplified by including ribbon options into a single drop-down menu of selectable dialogs. Expose the Asset Browser, Process Properties, Simulation Settings, and View Settings through this new User Interface command.

For more information about the Asset Browser, see Placing Assets and Objects.

For more information about the Process Properties, see Working with Process Properties.

For more information about working with the Simulation Settings, see Working with Simulation Settings.

For more information about the View Settings, see Viewing the Line Balancing Simulation and Reports.

Placeholder objects and Factory Assets are now an integral part of the Asset Browser

The navigational toolbar is removed and toolbar commands are now a part of the Asset Browser palette and taskbar menu.

To change the view of your process model using the Pan command, you can now hold down the middle mouse button and drag the cursor to pan

For more information about the Asset Browser, see Placing Assets and Objects.

Select to speed up performance of large process models by disabling animations

The option to turn on or off animations in your process model allows you the flexibility to speed up performance, or view animated details of your process model during a simulation.

For more information about the Enable Animations option, see Working with Simulation Settings.

Change an object type after being placed on the canvas

This new Process Property option provides you with extra flexibility in your process modeling.

For more information about changing an object type after it has been placed on the canvas, see Working with Process Properties.

Drag and drop assets or objects from the Asset Browser

Drag and drop a placeholder object or Factory asset from the Asset Browser directly onto your process model canvas.

For more information about the drag and drop feature, see Placing Assets and Objects.

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